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Hello! GLEAMS OF DIVINE LOVE, by d. g. watts, is now available at Amazon.com -- paperback, 235 pages.

This is an account of a dumb California kid awakening to the reality—the spiritual presence and power—of divine Love.

It's a story that includes successes and failures. It's a record of learning humility and patience while God was breaking through the dullness of the human mind to reach the author with Her saving Christ ... and teach some difficult lessons, a couple of which may evoke a bit of controversy.

Gleams of divine Love is universal in its outlook, and free from denominational reference, bias and jargon.

Starting with MOVING OFF THE FENCE, and GETTING OUR SOIL RIGHT, it illustrates the need for individuals, who wish to make spiritual progress, to not be paralyzed by indecision—our need to commit to going forward, in whatever discipline we might be interested in. Also examined are some of the wrong reasons for joining, or remaining in, a religion ... and what types of personal assessment are most beneficial for making true headway.

In DOES GOD HAVE A HAIRY CHEST?, and EVOLUTION: A FORK IN THE ROAD, the author shares his understanding of God ... including a lively collection of examples.

THE JESUS OF THE GOSPEL OF JOHN gives some interesting new insights into Jesus' essential character—and that of the New Testament as a whole—while WHAT IS COMMUNION? looks deeply into the author's subjective experience in learning to worship, adore and feel the presence and power of God, infinite Spirit, divine Love.

SATISFYING OUR NEED FOR AFFECTION, COMPANIONSHIP & SEX is an unflinching, Scriptures-based rebuke to misogynistic and anti-LGBT thinking, taking to task, for example, questionable teachings of Matthew's and Paul's ... and bringing out divine Love's Twelve Quelles About Sex (pronounced "k-VELL-es", after the German). . .

. . . while the closing LIVING THE MAXIMUM LIFE reveals the fruitage a life based on the concepts in this book can accomplish.

All told, GLEAMS OF DIVINE LOVE brings the reader into a vigorous consideration of spiritual reality, and gives an uplifting sense of God's nearness.

1. Getting Off The Fence

2. The Centrality Of The Scriptures

3. Getting Our Soil Right

4. Does God Have A Hairy Chest?

5. Evolution: A Fork In The Road

6. The Jesus Of The Gospel Of John

7. What Is Communion?

8. Satisfying Our Need For Affection, Companionship & Sex

9. The Maximum Life

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About the author: After studying religion and music at the University of California at Berkeley, Dan embarked on a career of spiritual ministry and care-giving. Living with his family in Scottsdale, Arizona, he now writes on topics of religion and spirituality.

dan@gleams-of-divine-love.info is my email address if you'd like to say hello! God bless you, even as divine Love is causing Her face ever to shine upon you.